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Why Do Senior Hotels Choose Natural Marble

Jan 13, 2023

3 Reasons Senior Hotels Prefer To Use Natural Marble


Natural Marble floors, Wall Facades, Vanity Tops, and Stairs in hotel rooms are often difficult to find due to their exclusivity. There are many floors covering options available today, but none compare to the comfort, elegance, versatility, and durability of a good marble floor.

NO.1 Marble's natural texture is unique, with a high texture, and has always been a required material for high-end hotels.
NO.2 High-end hotel lobby design cannot be merely artistic decoration. Indeed, it is more important to create rich space modeling, pay attention to science, and pursue the realm of peace and freedom, which is also the primary purpose of high-end hotel lobby design.

Senior Hotels Choose Natural Marble

-Natural Marble elevates and adds tangible value to the property. As a result, many great hotel architects and interior designers prefer to use marble floors in hotel rooms.
NO.3 The natural marble with beautiful lines has an innate temperament that can better express the designer's ideas while also improving the hotel's style and quality so that customers feel as if they are in a magnificent world, bringing the enjoyment of art and beauty!


The more luxurious or senior hotels are, the more they like to use marble. Natural marble is indispensable in high-end hotels. Today we will look at the application of marble in hotels.

Movenpick Hotel Building Facade in China

The first international five-star hotel chain in Chifeng, the tallest hotel in the new city, is a stunning landmark built by I.M. Pei Design Firm, like a museum. The interior design was completed by the HBA Los Angeles team, and the design inspiration was derived from the classic European tradition.

Jura Beige Limestone Hotel Lobby Area

-The Luxurious Hotel Lobby Designs with Natural Limestone and Marble.

Jura beige limestone has a luxurious color and a natural mottled texture that resembles light and shadow. It enhances the interactivity and ritual sense of the space entrance by complementing the lighting in the lobby.
The exquisite process of fine stone processing is precisely the brightness and flatness of the stone surface here. The public space's walls and floors are paved with elegant Jura limestone (commonly known as German beige). Each piece has a unique texture. Some people can clearly see fossilized shells. The natural stone appears to be a continuation of life. This classical language, reminiscent of Baroque art, emphasizes the principle of hierarchy.

Beige Marble Semi Columns and Flooring Projects

The detailed design of the columns in the lobby and corridor particularly highlights the details and levels of the marbling process, highlighting the sense of grade and quality of the hotel.

When you combine the design and application effects of the above marble in high-end hotels, you can see why natural marble can be found in any city's hotels. The pure natural color and texture are unrivaled by other synthetic materials. All VIP guests had a positive check-in experience. Although natural marble is beautiful, it also requires an aesthetic sense of design and the exquisite processing skills of the craftsman.

MQ Stone participated in the interiors, the hall, the spa, and the restaurant of this magnificent hotel.

Marble is the finest natural stone for enhancing the beauty of important places such as your home, workplace, and residence. However, believe it or not, the appearance of marble can vary greatly depending on the type of marble you select. Although all marble is created by nature, it is the person who decides how the stone is worked to fit well into the design. Marble floors can be finished in four ways: edged, polished, tumbled, or brushed. Each finish has a distinct appearance as well as a distinct feel. Marble is timeless and one of the most popular options when it comes to home decorating ideas.

MQ STONE is a professional one-stop solution provider for construction projects, specializing in comprehensive stone projects that involve design, processing, and installation. We have extensive experience in five-star hotels, shopping malls, private yachts, private villas, and other luxury projects in Europe, America, and the Middle East. A complete line of stone products is available, including slabs, tiles, cut-to-size, mosaic, water-jet, countertops, and other customized items.