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Luxury Star Hotel Marble Decoration Case

Aug 05, 2022

Morden & Luxury Starred Hotels With Natural Marble Production

There is no luxury house without natural granite and marble stone.
The same no stone is no luxury hotel.
The world's top hotels are bound to decorate with natural marble.
The hotel can be said to be the natural stone "spokesman".
You have seen which star hotel with tile lobby paving?
Today's two sets of cases can be "spectacular" to describe them!

Grey Marble Hotel Lobby Projects

Meridien Hotel | Shanghai Lobby Projects

Le Meridien Minhang Baolong Shanghai offers a distinctive, avant-garde visual design that artfully highlights the destination's charm and opens up an eye-catching perspective on the traditional luxury hotel experience. The lobby is accented by a gray marble-finished landscape wall, which is complemented by a chic construction of solid wood flooring textures, and by brass ornaments, and metal mesh partitions on the landscape wall.

Polished Grey Marble Floor Tiles For Luxury Hotel

Natural Grey Marble Floor and Wall Tile For Hotel Lobby

The large white + grey marble decoration is spectacular.

White Marble Bathroom Wall Designs

White Marble Wall Panel Tiles

Guest rooms and suites are highlighted by sculpted bathrooms with naturally textured white marble. Rooms and suites also feature warm woods, brass and white marble backdrops, open closets, artful furniture, lighting, and monochromatic carpets. The bathroom space breaks away from the norm with an irregular hexagonal marble-cut shape of the shower that divides the regular layout of the entire guest room.

MQ STONE is becoming a fully authorized solution partner in natural marble projects of companies providing high-level architectural and consultancy services. Since its establishment, it has been carrying out natural white marble tiles projecting of many buildings for private and public institutions such as commercial establishments, contracting companies, ministries, financial institutions, municipalities, and industrial investors.

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