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Marble Columns In A Stylish Mansion

Jul 29, 2022

A Stylish and Luxury Mansion with Natural Marble Solid Columns

To add height and size to your space, place two marble columns on either side of your entrance. To make them part of the wall, use a traditional solid pillar. The patterned column will also give your home a dreamy European feel. There are three-dimensional marble columns that incorporate Western aesthetic art sculptures in addition to the simple style of marble columns.

Beige Marble Column.jpg

This medium-sized marble column is ideal for small-space decoration. Create an elegant and beautiful atmosphere by customizing small marble pillars in the wardrobe, entrance, or spacious living room.

Volakas Marble Column.jpg

A building built from the ground
How dazzling a stone column
A stone-decorated mansion is the envy of all
Such a perfect combination of aesthetics
Such work is unforgettable

Light Beige Marble Roman Column.jpg

Usually in hotels or large buildings
We all see the marble columns, Roman columns
In the villa design marble columns
Can also play an unexpected effect
These beautiful and innovative
stone column design
Does it make your eyes shine?

Calacatta White Marble Columns.jpg

Calacatta Marble Column.jpg

Villas Interior Designs with white marble column.jpg

MQ STONE has superb and professional marble carving craftsmanship, providing more choices of different styles, and actuarial sizes, focusing on column carving and creating unlimited possibilities for every interior and exterior project. You can find solid ancient greek figure columns – Artemis, Greece columns, French columns, etc. They can be as a sculpture for decor.

MQ STONE manufactures custom marble columns for interior and exterior architecture. We work with a wide range of discerning clients on custom marble and natural stone columns for high-end office, residential, and commercial projects.

Our team sources marble and other natural stone from quarries all over the world manufactures column shafts, bases, and capitals in our workshop, and ships columns to any international location.

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