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Marble Decoration Of Luxury Hotels

Aug 05, 2022

Natural Marble Tiles in Luxury Hotel Projects

The rust stone natural surface stone is adorned with the hotel's logo in the form of an exposed structure, creating a clearer sense of rhythm.
The Hote Entrance Wall Designs with Rusty Granite.jpg

Granite Cobble Stone for Hotel Gate Floor.jpg

Cream Marble Hotel Lobby Floor

The golden splendor in the hotel lobby was sublimated to the extreme by the 23-meter-long, 4-meter-wide chandelier. With the pistil as the center, the petals bloom around the pistil, creating the appearance of an orchid with a pistil.

Natural Marble In Hotel Lobby

The lobby foyer creates an imaginary view of mountains and water. The yearning for poetic landscape.

Hotel Lobby and Reception application.jpg

The restaurant is separated from the lobby by the Snowy Mountain Silver Fox marble screen, with the chic texture and pearl-like luster of the Snowy Mountain Silver Lake presenting a flowery mood in the light, aiming to evoke the guests' sense of space.

Hotel Lobby Bar Area.jpg

The lobby bar highlights its rich details through the mix of stone, natural wood, acrylic, and glass textures.

Hotel meeting lobby

Onyx Wall Tiles of Elevator Corridor

Project Name: Anthea Meilan Hotel
Project Location: Shenzhen
Design style: modern luxury
Main materials: Snow Fox marble, onyx jade, tiger eye stone, shell mosaic, platinum crystal, Taihu stone

Despite technological innovations that have brought alternative solutions to the market for interior coverings, marble is synonymous with quality and uniqueness and remains the preferred aesthetic covering in hotel projects (especially luxury).

MQ STONE is becoming a fully authorized solution partner in natural Marble projects of companies providing high-level architectural and consultancy services. Since its establishment, it has been carrying out natural black marble tiles projecting of many buildings for private and public institutions such as commercial establishments, contracting companies, ministries, financial institutions, municipalities, and industrial investors.

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