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Oriental Calacatta Marble Slabs

Oriental Calacatta Marble Slabs

Item: Oriental White Calacatta Marble For Floor and Wall Tiles
Material: Oriental Calacatta Marble, White Marble
Size:2400upx1200up mm, 2600upx1400up mm
Thickness:18,20,30 mm
Surface: Polished, Honed, Brushed
MOQ: 100 SQM
Manufacturer: Masonrqy Quality Stone
Application: Marble Slabs For Wall Facade, Dinner Table, Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops For Estate Projects.


Product Details

Chinese Original Oriental Calacatta Marble For Floor and Wall Projects

Masonry Quality Stone is a professional Natural stone factory and provides Oriental Calacatta Marble Slabs For  High-end Commercial Projects and Commercial Estate buildings.  The Chinese Eastern Calacatta Marble is a popular raw material for cutting different sizes production for interior and exterior projects, White Marble Stone interior and exterior wall facade, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, stairs treads. While Most of our clients prefer to order Our Oriental Calacatta Marble Slabs For Indoor Floor Tiles, Wall Cladding, and Stairs.

Masonry Quality Stone’s Oriental Calacatta White Marble Slabs are the quintessential brand new and traditional Chinese polished white marble. Our Calacatta Oriental Marble Slabs are accented by soft grey and gold veining and are sourced for the highest quality. Stocked in a variety of thicknesses and price points, these slabs tend to move very quickly and are often difficult to source at the quality level we demand.

This Oriental Calacatta White Marble’s speckled grey veins and dark grey or golden stripe against a pure white background is a classic expression of joy. It is a strong, solid marble for homeowners seeking a heavier, more luxurious feel. Enjoy the surface’s luxuriously smooth texture that enhances both indoor and outdoor spaces just as much as it does traditional bedrooms. It is ideal for both contemporary and traditional countertops.

ProductChinese White Marble
MaterialOriental Calacatta Marble
Recommend Tiles Size30.5 x 30.5cm/61cm
30 x 30cm/60cm
40 x 40cm/80cm
Or another size according to the customer request
Recommend Slabs Size240up x 120up cm
250up x 140up cm
Or another size according to the customer request
Thickness1.0cm, 1.6cm, 1.8cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm etc.
FinishedPolished, Honed, Brushed, etc.

Natural Marble is not the cheapest stone, but it is not the most expensive either. Outside of granite countertops, marble is your cheapest natural stone option. Of course, this entirely depends on the factors outlined above.

There are many terrific reasons why many homeowners and commercial buildings like offices, hotels, mall centers choose marble floors, walls, stairs or countertops for interior projects. Installing marble tiles and countertops can end up being one of the best choices you ever make for interior spaces.

Advantages of Natural Marble:

Because of the veining in the marble, marble flooring can show a design pattern that is elegant and can give your home a very appealing look
Marble has an everlasting appeal. Marble does not go out of style. Wherever you are deciding of putting it in your home it will bring your home a good value for the resale of your house.
The marble white color cannot be matched by any granite.
Since marble is a widely available stone, it is one that is less expensive than other natural stones.


1. Q: Where is your factory?

A: Our factory is located in Shuitou Town, Quanzhou.

2. Q: Can I get door-to-door service? or can I get the tiles delivered to my door?

A: Yes, we offer delivery to your door service, which makes your work easy.

3. Q: What if the tiles are broken during transition?

A: All our products are insurance, our after-sales will sort out the reasons and will sure you'll be properly compensated.

4. Q: Do you have OEM service?

A: Yes, we offer OEM service

5. Q: How about the sample

A: The sample is free, the courier cost should be paid at your side. Once you play order with us, the courier cost will be deducted from the purchase order.

2-stone packing(001)

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